Park entrance fees to Volcanoes Park

Entrance Fees to Volcanoes National park

There are entrance charges to Volcanoes National Park travelers must pay before he/she is allowed into the Park! The entrance fees to VNP depend on the activity a traveler is visiting to do. YES, different travel activities call for different charges. In other words, there is no uniform park entrance fee. In most cases, the entrance fees are inclusive of the activity, conservation fees, local community contributions and government taxes. Rwanda Development Board puts Park entry charges to support conservation programs in the park and limit unnecessary visits into the park. Volcanoes National Park is the center point of Rwanda tourism-offering travelers with numerous travel activities for different experiences. The Park is located in northwestern Rwanda bordered by Mgahinga National Park in Uganda and Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Entrance fees to Volcanoes National park include:

Gorilla Permit charges
Cost of Rwanda gorilla toursEach gorilla permit to trek gorillas in Volcanoes National Park costs $1500 paid by all travelers including Rwanda nationals. In the corona period between June 2020 to 31st December 2020. Rwanda Development Board is offering discounted gorilla permits at $200 for East African citizens and foreign residents while international residents still pay the usual $1500. Mountain gorilla trekking is the most done travel experience in Volcanoes National park. Over 80% of all travelers to VNP choose to trek gorillas as their number one activity. The park is home to 10 gorilla families with 80 gorilla permits available each day. Rwanda Development Board issues put the permits. The Rwanda gorilla permit is inclusive of park entrance fees, conservation fee, government taxes and 20% contribution to local communities. Booking gorilla permits in Rwanda is recommended at least 6 months in advance.

Golden Monkey Permits
Trekking golden monkeys cost $100 for foreign non-residents, $80 for foreign residents and $65 for Rwandese and East African citizens. The permit fee is inclusive of park entrance fees, conservation fees and government taxes. Golden monkey trekking is the second most done travel activity in Volcanoes National Park. Trekking golden monkeys is usually done as an add on to gorilla trekking to make a complete package. Two communities of golden monkeys are habituated for trekking in Volcanoes National park. The other population of golden monkeys lives in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, southwestern Uganda.

Mount Karisimbi Hiking
Cost of Mt Karisimbi hikingDo you want to hike Karisimbi Volcano? The experience costs $400 for foreign non-residents, $300 for foreign residents and $200 for Rwandese and East African residents. Mt Karisimbi stands at 4,507 meters above the sea level and its the highest volcano in the Virunga Conservation Area. The summit of Mt Karisimbi overlooks other Virunga volcanoes, Rwanda’s rolling hills, Volcanoes National Park and the neighboring local communities. The slopes of Mt Karisimbi are home to Karisimbi gorilla family. This gives travelers high chances of meeting this famous gorilla family. Our 2 Days Mt Karisimbi hiking tour is a suitable package to conquer this Volcano. Physical fitness is key for anyone hiking Mt Karisimbi. Travelers are therefore reminded to do physical exercises in preparation for this adventure.

Musanze Caves
Musanze caves are a yet another interesting features in Volcanoes National Park. Visiting Musanze caves cost $50 for foreign non-residents, $30 for foreign residents and RWF 4000 for Rwandese and East African residents. You will see numerous bats hanging facedown on the walls of caves. A 2-3 hours walk through Musanze caves is an adventurous experience. The entrance and exit points are at different locations.

Dian Fossey Graveyard Hike
Dian Fossey hikingDian Graveyard Hike costs $75, $60 and $55 for foreign non-residents, foreign residents and Rwanda citizens respectively. Dian Fossey is an American Primatologist who sacrificed to save the endangered mountain gorillas, which were at the verge of extinction. A hike to the graveyard of Dian Fossey is a way of commemorating the works of Dian Fossey to gorilla conservation in Volcanoes National Park and the whole of Africa. Poachers killed Dian Fossey.

Mt Bisoke Hike
The permit to hike Bisoke volcano costs $75 for foreign non-residents, $55 for Rwanda nationals and $60 for foreign residents. Mount Bisoke is one of the easy to hike volcanoes in the Virunga Conservation Area. The volcano stands at 3711 meters above the sea level with great views of Rwanda and the neighboring local communities. A 1 Day mount Bisoke hike helps you to hike this volcano.

Conclusively therefore, having the knowledge of park entrance fees is essential for everyone visiting Volcanoes National Park. Contact African Apes Holidays for more details and advice. –

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