Gorilla permit rescheduling in Rwanda

Rescheduling Gorilla Permits in Rwanda

Lots of Rwanda safaris have been cancelled due to the outbreak of the deadly covid19 pandemic. YES, most travelers were forced to cancel their already booked Rwanda gorilla safaris to Volcanoes National Park due to the travel restrictions and land border crossing with neighboring countries to contain the spread if the virus across countries. Rwanda shut down for tourism for over 7 months in 2020. However, the country was later reopened for tourists but with very strict Standard Operating Procedures. Whereas Rwanda is now open for tourism, some travelers are still stuck in lockdown back in their homes of origin, while others have been infected by the deadly virus hence require some good time to recover before they can travel again. Rescheduling gorilla permits to a future date is therefore inevitable for future travels. Fortunately, Rwanda Development Board has relaxed on the Rwanda gorilla permit rescheduling policy to enable travels postpone their affected trips. Are you wondering how to reschedule your gorilla safari in Rwanda? African Apes Holidays is trusted guide on how to book your future Rwanda gorilla tour

The rules of gorilla permit rescheduling in Rwanda

1. Travelers and tour operators are free to reschedule their permits to any future date within 12 months. Some travelers cannot be sure of when they will be free to move again hence the need for long time of rescheduling. Initially, travelers who wanted to reschedule their permits were asked to do so in 7 days before the trekking date

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2. Rwanda Development Board scrapped off the 30-day limit for travel operators to make a final payment of gorilla permits before the trekking.
3. Permit rescheduling is done at no cost
NOTE: The new gorilla permit rescheduling policy in Rwanda is valid till 25th January 2021 to 31st May 2022. Travelers are advised to take in this chance and plan for their future gorilla trekking date.

How to reschedule my Rwanda gorilla permit?

You can reschedule your Rwanda gorilla permit directly with Rwanda Development Board. Contact them directly by visiting their office in Rwanda or their website, inform them on your reasons for postponement and the future date you like to trek gorillas on.
Alternatively, if you had booked through a travel agent for example African Apes Holidays, contact them, inform them on your desired future date and the reason why you are postponing. Your Travel agency will do the rest for you

Discounted gorilla permits in Rwanda

Rwanda Development Board is also offering discounted gorilla permits to first come travelers. Apparently, Rwanda permit is discounted to $200 for Rwandese ad East African citizens while foreign residents in Rwanda pay $500 a reduction from the initial $1500. The reason for discounted Rwanda gorilla permits is to encourage more travels during this time of the deadly pandemic. Foreign nonresidents will pay the actual $1500 but it’s surely worth it.
Morse, Rwanda Development Board is offering special packages for families, group travels and corporates visiting Volcanoes, Nyungwe Forest and Akagera National parks.

Standard Operating Procedures for Trekking Gorillas in Rwanda

Endeavor to follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in Rwanda when visiting mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. These have been put to ensure safety of the endangered gorillas and travelers
• All travelers must show negative covid19 test results taken in 72 hours before arrival in Rwanda.
• On reaching the airport, travelers are tested for covid19 and quarantined for 24 hours in hotels garzetted by Rwanda ministry of health. The cost of covid19 in Rwanda is $60 inclusive of the specific logistics at Kigali airport
• When results come out negative, travelers are allowed to proceed with their trips. However, a traveler who tests positive for covid19 will be quarantined for more days as he/she goes under treatment at his own costs.
• Land borders of Rwanda and the neighboring Uganda are still closed
• Temperature screening is a must for everyone arriving in Rwanda
• Mandatory face masking all throughout
• Mandatory sanitizing with alcohol based contest
• Mandatory thorough hand washing with soap and clean running water for at least 20 seconds
• Travelers departing from Rwanda are also tested for covid19 to ensure no one leave Rwanda with the virus
For any other questions and travel advice for gorilla trekking, permit booking and rescheduling in Rwanda, contact us at African Apes Holidays

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