Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary

Located in the outskirts of Kibale Forest National Park, Bigodi wetland sanctuary is a not miss on your Uganda chimpanzee tour in the primate capital. YES, this garzeted swamp forest is a hidden gem you need to discover. Most travelers who have been to Bigodi before review it one of the best and most interesting tours in Uganda. The swamp spreads over 4 kilometers squared located south of Kanyanchu visitor information center. A guided nature walk through Bigodi wetland sanctuary entails walking on board walks which is so adventurous but enjoyable. Interestingly, travelers who visit Bigodi wetland sanctuary experience the true African way of living and conflicting crop raider animals especially baboons and vervet monkeys. The walk lasts for roughly 2 hours but the magical feeling is worth the time and energy. Local community manages the wetland sanctuary and all profits collected from visitors are used to fund local community projects such as schools and health facilities. In most cases, Bigodi wetland walk is done as a complement to chimpanzee tracking and other tourist activities in fort portal. Also, the experience is a best option for children below 15 years who are not allowed to track chimpanzees. The experience is also best for bird watching and primates. Early morning trip with good sunshine is best for photography. The 3 Days Kibale Chimpanzee and Bigodi wetland tour is a suitable package for you. It gives you chance to trek the endangered chimpanzees and walk through this amazing wetland.

Walking around a swamp is a really scenic walk. The walk entails passing by several farms, empty fields, and kids selling woodcrafts, dirt road. The sightings of monkeys is absolutely incredible, with groups of red-tail monkeys, vervet, black and white as well as red face colobuses, l’host, and more, visible every hundred meters or so.

Best experiences in Bigodi wetland sanctuary

There are several amazing things to see and do in Bigodi wetland sanctuary. YES, travelers to this hidden gem are assured of a great experience which include among others:
Bird Watching

Bigodi wetland sanctuary

Birds in Bigodi Wetland

Bird watching is the top experience done in Bigodi wetland sanctuary. Sheltering over 200 bird species, Bigodi wetland is a haven for birders. Among the birds in Bigodi wetland sanctuary include Hornbills, Papyrus Gonolek, Cuckoos, Waxbills, Weavers, Kingfishers, yellow rumpled tinker bird, Spotted Bardet, Dusky Crimson, Flycatchers, Collared Apalis, African Pitta, Western Nictor, Little greenbul and blue breasted kingfisher among others. Binoculars are very helpful to zoon birds at a further distance.

Community visits
Do not miss visiting the local communities who manage the wetland sanctuary. Endeavor to visit different local community projects such as KAFRED and Bigodi Women group. Experience how local people make different craft materials such as mats, baskets, handbags and beads among others. Ensure to support local women by buying crafts and help them earn income to support their families and improve their standards of living. If time allows, visit Bigodi secondary school, one of the projects funded by Bigodi wetland sanctuary.

Animal watching

Bigodi wetland sanctuary

Black and White Colubus

Bigodi wetland is home to numerous wild animals inclusive of primates, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Animals seen in Bigodi wetland sanctuary include common chimpanzees, Blue monkeys, black and white Colubus, Vervet monkeys, Baboons, Grey cheeked Mangabey, bushbucks, Sitatungas, bushbucks, otters and African Elephants among others. The experienced guides on ground will help you spot these different animals.

What to wear to Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary
The packing list for visiting Bigodi wetland sanctuary should entail closed shoes, Long pants tacked into stockings, a rain jacket since it may rain any time, insect repellants (there are very many ground insects), camera and warm sweaters. `Botteld drinking water and energy giving snacks will keep you Strong throughout

Generally, a visit to Bigodi wetland sanctuary is well worth it. Also endeavor to support the valuable work of KAFRED (Kibale Association for Rural and Environmental Development).

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