Hiking to see gorillas

How to Get Ready For Gorilla Trekking

A trek to see mountain gorillas is undeniably an everlasting memory, a wish and dream come true for most travelers on African Safaris. YES, gorilla trekking is the top bucket list for most travelers on African safaris to Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Spending an hour in the close proximity with the silverback gorilla and the entire family is a lifetime experience that will never cease to amaze! To some travelers, wildlife viewing in Africa remains incomplete unless one visits mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. However despite the excitement that comes with looking direct into the red eyes of the silverback gorilla, the experience is a real adventure which entail hiking up and down hills through thick jungles. In order to ensure a tress free and enjoyable gorilla safaris in Africa, you ought to prepare and get ready in Advance. African Apes Holidays gives you tips on how to get ready for gorilla trekking. These include:

Choose where to trek gorillas

Where to trek gorillas

A silverback gorilla in Bwindi

First decide on where to go for gorilla trekking. Is it in Uganda, Rwanda or the Democratic Republic of Congo? African Apes Holidays gives you detailed comparisons between gorilla trekking in both destinations to help you choose a gorilla destination of your choice. Mountain gorillas only survive in the jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Volcanoes, Mgahinga Gorilla and Virunga National Parks. Anyone who wants to see these endangered species MUST therefore visit any of the four national parks. Alternatively, you can choose to trek gorillas in two different parks for comparisons and dynamic experience. Gorilla trekking experience in each national park is exceptional in its own way and worth doing. Among to consider when choosing where to go for gorilla trekking is the price of gorilla permits. Rwanda offers the most luxury gorilla tours @$1500, Uganda gorilla permits cost $700 or foreign non resident, $600 for foreign residents and UGX 250,000 for East African residents while Congo gorilla permits cost $450 each making it the best gorilla safari destination or budget travelers. Between 18th June to 31st December 2020, Rwanda Development Board offers discounted gorilla permits $200 for East African citizens and $500 for foreign residents) to encourage more travels amidst Covid19 pandemic.

Choose a travel company
Having decided on where you want to go for mountain gorilla trekking, choose your desired and trusted gorilla safari company to guide you on this lifetime experience. African Apes Holidays is your ultimate gorilla safari company in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo helping to tailor made a suitable package to suit your budget and interests. Just tell us your travel dates and the number of people and we shall do the rest for you. On your behalf, African Apes Holidays books a gorilla permit, designs an itinerary and also books suitable accommodation for you at a fair cost. Choosing the right travel operator is key for every successful and enjoyable gorilla safari.

Do physical exercises
While preparing for this amazing adventure, ensure to do physical exercises to ensure fitness. The uphill climb is a no joke for the unfit while the downhill trek is usually tougher than expected. The hiking is physically challenging on a steep terrain especially in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Also, there is no defines route to follow but rangers slash bushes to create a path. The wet forest grounds with fallen leaves and vegetation often make it difficult to hike through. However, the magical feeling of meeting face to face with the endangered gorillas is worth the effort. For that case, traveler planning a gorilla trip is advised to do physical exercises to ensure fitness. The recommended exercises include walking, jogging, Step-ups, Goblet Squats, Stairmasters, Downhill lunges and hanging knee raises among others.

Choose what to carry for gorilla trekking

Getting ready for gorilla trekking

Gorilla trekking packing list

Before setting off for a gorilla trekking safari, make sure your travel bag has the required essentials. Among the things you must carry for gorilla trekking include:
1. Hiking boots/shoes. These help you to easily hike through the muddy and slippery jungles without your feet getting hurt. Never carry open shoes for gorilla trekking
2. Gardening gloves. These help to protect your hands when you touch the ground. There are times when hiking becomes steeper requiring you to crawl up and down hill. Also, gardening gloves protect your hands from getting dirty with mad
3. Fully charged camera with extra batteries. A camera is key for everyone visiting gorillas. Its only the pictures that you will go back home with after the gorilla trip
4. Rain jackets. Forest weather is so unpredictable; it can rain any time any day despite the season.
5. Insect repellants to protect from insect bites which can be poisonous at times
6. Warm jackets, sweaters and scarf to deal with cold nights in these jungle Forests. It normally gets very cold at night
7. Bottled drinking water to quench the thirsty that comes with panting and sweating during the trek
8. Energy giving snacks t keep you strong
9. Hat and sun glasses
10. Long sleeved shirts/blouses to protect your arms from scratches
11. Long pants tucked into the stockings
12. A first aid kit is help helpful incase of any injuries
NOTE: A porter and a walking stick are very recommended if you want to have a less difficulty gorilla tracking experience.

Visit your Doctor for check up
Before boarding on a plane, please visit the medical Centre for check up. Ensure you have no any sickness to avoid embarrassment on the day of trekking when you are stopped from visiting the gorillas if any sickness is detected. A yellow fever certificate is a must have for anyone visiting gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo

Pre gorilla trekking briefing
Geeting ready for gorilla trekkingAt the start of every trekking day, all travelers gather at the respective park head quarters for pre gorilla trekking briefing about the rules and regulation of gorilla trekking. These guidelines are put to ensure safety of the endangered gorillas and travelers. The dos and don’t of gorilla trekking include:
• Keep a distance of 10 meters away from the gorillas
• Avoid direct eye contact with the gorillas
• Do not trek when sick. Mountain gorilla are susceptible to human sicknesses especially cough
• Keep within your groups
• Keep your voices low
• Do not use flashlight cameras
• Turn back your face when coughing or sneezing
• Do not litter in the park. Leave only the foot steps
African Apes Holidays wishes you the best on your gorilla safaris in Africa. For any inquiries and travel advice, contact us and we hope to welcome you soon.

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