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How to Plan safari During Covid19

Wildlife Safaris are ongoing across the whole world despite the continued spread of the deadly covid19. Having closed safari destinations for over 5 months, most countries decided to reopen for tourism with tight restrictions against covid19. Do you want to go gorilla trekking in Bwindi Forest or the Virunga Conservation Area? The adventurous exp0ereince is now open and travelers are allowed to trek the endangered gorillas in the their natural habitats. Moreso, savannah parks in Kenya and Tanzania, Nyiragongo Volcano hikes, Great wildebeest Migration in Tanzania and chimpanzee trekking among other wildlife experience in the whole world are now open and ongoing. However. Travels during covid19 are tricky and with lots of restrictions. African Apes Holidays gives you a detailed guide on how to plan a safari during covid19 to ensure your safety and the safety of wildlife in their natural habitats.

Book through a travel agent
Whereas you can book a safari yourself, booking through a travel agent is undeniably the best option. YES, these travel agents and destination management companies with all detailed information on what is required of travelers into a specific country. A travel agent will charge you a fair price to arrange for you a best trip. Search for the best travel agent based on the years of experience and trip advisor reviews from previous travelers before confirming your trip. African Apes Holidays is one of the best travel companies to guide you on your African safari. Do you want to trek gorillas in Bwindi Forest or the Virunga Conservation Area, African Apes Holidays is your best guide. We help you book gorilla permits, accommodation, driver guide, travel car and all other duties. Your only role is to come ready and we take you around. Booking a through a travel agent therefore saves you from the hustles of private bookings which can be time consuming and tiresome. A travel agent will also gives you all detailed information about covid19, for example the test requirements,

Book a direct flight
Flying direct from your home to your destination is the best thing you to do. This helps to avoid unnecessary stopovers and interactions with many people. Rwanda Air runs several direct flights from the United Kingdom and other Western African Countries for those who want to trek Rwanda gorillas in Volcanoes National park. In the same way, Kenya Airs has many direct flights from across the world, which saves you from meeting and interacting many people along the way. Booking a direct flight is therefore highly recommended for the traveler’s during covid19 pandemic.

Tour within the same country
If possible, tour within one country art a specific period of time. Whereas, connecting safaris across different countries is the best way to explore and enjoy different experiences, a simple itinerary within one destination is the best option in this covid19 time. Avoid itineraries that cross-land borders which expose you to meet many people some of which are covid19 positive. A 7 Uganda safari helps you to explore the popular activities in Uganda, whereas a 3 Days Rwanda gorilla tour offers you chance to trek gorillas and explore other beauties in the land of a thousand hills. Long stays in a single destination ensures fewer interactions and lesser chances of contracting the deadly covid19.

Travel Now!
The best time to travel during the covid19 time is NOW! YES, most travel destinations are now offering discounted offers to enhance travels and revive tours, which had gone down during covid19 lock down. Uganda and Rwanda are offering discounted gorilla permits to trek mountain gorillas in Bwindi Forest, Mgahinga Gorilla and Volcanoes National park plus discounted park entry charges to savannah parks of Uganda and Rwanda. If you are traveling on budget, this covid19 time is therefore your best time to travel for a great experience at a cheap price. Discounted gorilla permits in Uganda costs $400 for foreign nonresidents, $300 for foreign residents and UGX 150,000 for Ugandans and Eat African citizens a reductions from $700, $600 and UGX 150,000 respectively and a 50% discount on park entrance fees to savannah parks. These discounted offers are valid till March 2021.

Choose your best destination
Since travelling across different countries is now difficult, choose your best destination and visit it first. Have you dreamt of exploring the Pearl of Africa, Zero down to it and explore it to the fullest. Or5 else you want to maneuver through he rolling hills of Rwanda or in Magical Kenya, decide and travel now. Almost all destinations are now open and ready t6o welcome you! African Apes Holidays takes you whenever you want to go at affordable rates guaranteeing you safety, comfort and memorable experiences.

Contact African Apes Holidays for more travel tips and how to plan a safari during covid19.

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