What to see and do in Kidepo Valley Park

Kidepo Valley National Park – Attractions & Activities

Travel to Kidepo Valley National Park and explore the long-forgotten Eden, Africa’s Hidden gem. Tucked away in northeastern Uganda, Kidepo Valley National Park is undeniably an out the ordinary places in Africa, Uganda’s finest and most isolated parks. The park is one of the least visited national parks in Uganda which has kept it virgin and natural to offer you a fresh feeling of the natural environment with an off beaten kind of experience. Those who have visited the park before review Kidepo Valley National ark as Africa’s mysterious destination with a high concentration of every wondrous aspect in the continent. The combination of wildlife, geographical spectacles and a multitude of local cultures make Kidepo Valley National Park a must-visit on your Uganda Safaris. the park is known to have the biggest herds of buffalos, elephants, jackson’s hartebeest, bus dikers, Defassa waterbucks and zebras among others which make game viewing excellent in this park. Kidepo Valley Nationa Park is bordered by south Sudan and Kenya and its Uganda’s most isolated National Park. The park spreads over 1,442 square kilometers bisected by Kidepo and Narus Rivers. Vegetation in Kidepo Valley National Park comprises of grey-haired acacia, shrubs, climax grassland, trees, swamps, and savannah woodlands. African Apes Holidays gives you a guide to Kidepo Valley National Park, attractions, activities, accommodation, getting there, the best time to visit, and wildlife in Kidepo Valley National Park among others.

What to see and do in Kidepo Valley National Park

Travelers to Kidepo Valley National Park have an endless list of things o see and do. The top activities done in Kidepo Valley National Park include among others:
Game viewing

wild animals in Kidepo Valley National Park

Game viewing in Kidepo

Game drives in the Narus Valley give you the chance to experience and enjoy the natural beauty of Kidepo Valley National Park. Game safaris in Kidepo give you a chance to see the best that the wilderness can offer. while on your game drives, expect to see numerous wild animals such as Expect to see numerous animals such as elephants, giraffes, lions, buffalo, cheetahs, Uganda kobs, deers, Black-backed jackals, bat-eared fox, Caracal, leoprads, African hunting dogs, Topis, Elands, Orbis, Waterbucks, Warthogs, Hippos, striped hyena, Beisa Oryx, and Grants’s gazelles among others. The best time for game drives in Kidepo Valley National Park is at 6:00am and 4:00 pm to catch p with animals feeding before retiring for day and night rests respectively. Also, enjoy the Kidepo Valley drive to Kanangorok hot springs through the dry savannahs making your whole experience magical and memorable.

Bird watching

Bird watching in kidepo

Birds in Kidepo Valley Park

With over 470 bird species, Kidepo Valley National Park is Uganda’s second-best bird watching spot after Queen Elizabeth National Park. The park is home to 60 bird species which are nonexistent in any other Ugandan park. The park hosts migratory birds from Europe and Asia in the months of November and April. The birds in Kidepo Valley National Park include Dark Chanting Goshawk, Kori Bustard, Little bee-eater, Ostrich, Red and Yellow barbet, Abyssinian roller, Purple grenadier, Black-breasted barbet, Greater Kestrel, Jackson’s hornbill, Rufous Chatter, Pygmy falcon. Golden Pipit, Rose ringed parakeet, Chestnut weaver and Northern carmine bee-eater. March to April is the best time for bird watching in Kidepo Valley National Park. November and April is the best time to see migratory birds in Kidepo Valley Park. However, birding in the park can be done all year round. Ostriches are beautiful birds you should not miss on your birding safari to Kidepo Valley National Park.

Cultural Tours – IK people

Cultural tours in Kidepo Valley National Park

IK people in Kidepo Park

Move out to meet and interact with the indigenous IK people for greater cultural performance. IK people live in the hill of Morungole ranges and were named by UNESCO as an endangered tribe of people. Beekeeping and animal grazing are the major economic activities of IK people. Teenage pregnancies and marriage are very common among the IK people where parents marry off their daughters at a tender age in exchange for cows. An overnight camp in the IK Manyattas gives you the chance to learn more about their traditions norms, beliefs and cultures. A traditional dance is a not miss on your visit to the IK people.

Nature Walks

A nature walk through Kidepo Valley National Park is the best way to explore the beautiful wilderness. Enjoy a walk to Lamoj hills for the best photographs, not forgetting to visit the splendid Kidepo river valley to see many animals gathered at the river for drinking water especially in the dry season. Namamukweny is also a good walking area on your nature walk in Kidepo Valley National park. Walking through the park gives you the best spots for wild animals grazing, birds ad local communities in the neighborhood.

Kanangorok Hot springs

Attractions in Kidepo Valley Park

Kanangorok Hotsprings

Drive to the northern part of Kidepo Valley Park to visit the healing Kanangorok hot springs. The hot springs are a natural wonder of Kidepo Valley Park. You will experience how boiling waters emerge from rock outcrops. The boiling waters of Kanangorok hot springs are believed to heal various diseases especially joint pains and skin rashes. Hot spring waters can boil eggs ready fro eating.

Camping is yet another interesting tourist activity to do in kIdepo Valley national ark. Spending a night out in the camp gives you a true feeling of the wilderness. Wild animals will sleep on your doorstep and roar on top of your head when you are asleep. However, camping travelers are reminded not to move out of their tent at night. Also, ensure to camp in a less isolated part of the park. Make sure o camp near a lodge for security reasons in case of any need.

Accommodation in Kidepo Valley National Park

Where to sleep to Kidepo Valley National Park

Apoka Safari Lodge

Wondering where to sleep in Kidepo Valley National Park? No worries. The Park has a variety of budget, midrange and luxury accommodation facilities to offer you excellent food and sleeping services at affordable rates. The top lodges and camps in Kidepo Valley National park include Apoka Sagri Lodge, Kidepo Savannah Lodge, Adere Safari Lodge, Nga Moru Wilderness Camp, and Kakine Self Catering camp. Experienced staff is at your service all day and night to ensure timely and quality service delivery system.

How to get to Kidepo Valley National park
Travelers can access Kidepo Valley National park by road or air transport. Transport to Kidepo Valley National park by road entails using two major routes. You can either use the Kampala-Mbale-Sironko-Moroto-Kotido-Kaabong-Kidepo route taking (740km) roughly 12 hours. Alternatively, use the Kampala-Mbale-Moroto-Kotido-Kaabong-kidepo route (792km) lasting for roughly 13 hours. If you have limited time, fly from Kajjansi to Apoka airstrip for quick access. The long hours of driving are the opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauties en route making your whole experience more enjoyable.

Best time to visit Kidepo Valley National Park

December to March and Jun to August is the best time to visit Kidepo Valley National Park. During this time, there are no or fewer rains, which make your game viewing experience less challenging. During this time, wild animals gather on Rivers for drinking water which makes it easier to find them. However, Kidepo Valley National Park can be visited all year round and all activities done without disruption.

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