Rhino tracking at Zziwa

New Baby Rhino At Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

It was great joy in Uganda as we welcome the new baby Rhino at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary. Jabali was born on 18th August 2020 at Ziwa. Jabali becomes the sixth born to its mother Bella one of the first and original Rhinos to this Sanctuary. Bella was brought in from Kenya and has contributed to the growing rhino population in Uganda. A team of University students from Deakin University in Austria named the new male calf. The total population of the Rhinos now stands at 32. This means so much to the Ugandan tourism sector with the increased number of Rhinos.

What to do at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
Rhino tracking. Tracking the southern white rhinos is the biggest activity at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. After a long time without Rhinos in Uganda, the introduction of these forest giants gave many more reasons to visit this landlocked country.

Ziwa is a birder’s haven with up to four birding trails, the Sanctuary has a recorded number of over 300 bird species. Guided birding walks through this protected area will be so rewarding. Look out for bird species like the blue spotted dove, African black crake, African fish eagle, African blue flycatcher, red headed weaver, saddle billed stork, ring necked dove and African fish eagle among others.

Guided nature walks
Visitors have an opportunity to get out of their safari cars and explore the sanctuary on foot. The trained ranger guides will share great insights of the sanctuary as you encounter wildlife like the Oribis, waterbucks, duikers and Uganda kobs.

Shoebill Canoe Ride
The shoebill stork is Uganda’s most sought after bird specie found in few areas of this country. The canoe ride happens at the 10km lugogo wetland and the canoes are provided by the community as a way to earn a living. Apart from the shoebill stork, you will be able to set your eyes on the white crested turaco, palm nut vulture, Egyptian goose, and the African fish eagle among others.

Night walks
Night walks are a rewarding experience that uniquely introduces you to the wild in the night. There are a number of nocturnal animals in Ziwa that you may want to see.

Gorilla tracking and Habituation experience
Gorilla tracking is a Uganda’s leading tour activity attracting visitor from all over the world. A face to face encounter with a mature silverback is every traveler’s dream, watching the gorillas feed, play and go about their daily activities. Uganda is blessed to be home to the largest population of mountain Gorillas sheltering more than half of the world’s total population of mountain Gorillas. Over 20 habituated gorilla families 19 in Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park and one in Mgahinga Gorilla Park in southwestern Uganda.

Chimpanzee tracking

Uganda is gifted with a high number of Chimps making Chimpanzee tracking one of the most exciting tour activities as you meet these our relatives. It is believed that chimps share with humans 98% DNA. Kibale National park in western Uganda is home to over 1500 chimpanzees making it the largest population of Chimps in one place in East Africa. You will also have an opportunity to watch other primates and several bird species. Chimpanzee tracking can also be done at Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park.
Conclusively therefore, rhino tracking is one of the best wildlife experiences not to miss on your Uganda safari. Contact African Apes Holidays today, visit the new baby rhino and feel the joy.

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