Golden monkeys in Rwanda

Rwanda Reduces Travelers Visiting Golden Monkeys to 12

Rwanda Development Board has reduced the number of travelers visiting to trek golden monkeys in Volcanoes National park from 16 to 12. The reduction in the number of travelers trekking the endangered mountain gorillas is aimed at protecting the endangered species from contracting he deadly disease. Golden Monkey trekking is one of the most done tourist activities on Rwanda safaris. The other populations of golden monkeys live in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in southwestern Uganda. In March 2020, Rwanda Development Board closed travel activities in Volcanoes National Park for mountain gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest National Park and all other travel and research activities all over Rwanda. A 2 Days golden monkey trekking tour to volcanoes national park is a prefect package to visit these endangered primates

Cost of golden monkey trekking in Rwanda
Golden monkey trekking costs $100 for all travelers allowing you to spend an hour in the company of the endangered golden monkeys. The cost of trekking the endangered species is quite cheap compared mountain gorillas, which cost $1500, paid by all travelers.

How to book golden monkey trekking in Rwanda
Rwanda golden monkey toursAfrican Apes Holidays help you book a tailor made golden monkey trekking tour to Volcanoes National Park. Booking through African Apes Holidays saves you time and the hustles associated with booking for yourself. Alternatively, you can book directly with Rwanda Development Board, a government body responsible for tourism and wildlife conservation in Rwanda, the Land of a Thousand Hills.

When is the best time to trek golden monkeys in Rwanda
Dry season in the months of June, July, August, September, December, January and February is the best time to visit the endangered golden monkeys. This season normally has little or no rains, which make it easy to trek through the jungle forests. However, golden monkeys can be visited in the low season in the months of March April, May, October and November. The wet season normally has low visits, which guarantee availability of golden monkey permits even for last minute bookings. More so, travelers in low season normally get discounted offers from service providers especially in hotels and lodges. Low/wet season is the best time for budget travelers. Also, golden monkey trekking permit bookings is recommended at least 6 months in advance to ensure timely planning

What to Pack for golden monkey trekking in Rwanda
Travelers on Rwanda safaris to trek golden monkeys are reminded to pack essential things to make trekking quite easy and less difficult. Among the top things to carry for golden monkey in Volcanoes National park include:
1. Hiking boots/shoes to easily trek through the jungle forest
2. Gardening gloves to protect your hands from thorny bushes and sharp stones
3. Sun glasses to protect your eyes
4. Hat to cover your head and hair
5. Long sleeved shirts and blouses to protect your arms from bushy scratches
6. Long pants for your legs
7. Insect repellents to prevent toxic bites from dangerous forest insects
8. First aid kit for any emergencies
9. Bottled drinking water
10. Energy giving snacks
NOTE: Golden monkeys are very playful animals, which run and jump tirelessly up in the tree branches. You are therefore reminded to hold your cameras tight

Other things to see and do in Rwanda

Hiking Dian Fossey GraveyardBesides golden monkey trekking, travelers to Rwanda have an endless list of things to see and do on their safaris in Rwanda. These include:
• Mountain gorilla trekking. Rwanda has 10 habituated gorilla families with 80-gorilla permits available everyday. Trek to see gorillas is the most done tourist activity in Rwanda attracting a high number of travelers from all over the world. Rwanda offers the most luxury gorilla tours @1500 for a permit.
• Bird watching
• Mount Karisimbi hiking
• Kigali city tour
• Local community tours; Ibyiwacu community tour
• Visiting the Musanze caves
• Dian Fossey graveyard hike
• Visiting Lake Kivu
• Canopy walk for aerial views
• Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest
• Big five game in Akagera National Park
• Bulera and Buhondo Twin Lakes

In conclusion therefore, the reduction in the number of travelers visiting golden monkeys in Volcanoes National Park is of a good cause. Contact African Apes Holidays today, book a Rwanda safari and enjoy a close encounter with the endangered species

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