Tips for choosing a group tour

Tips For Group Tours

Dp you want to join a group tour? Travelling as a group is not only lively but also exceptional. Traveling in a company of your mates, family, workmates or close friends is undeniably fun. Given the magical feeling the experience comes with, group tours have nowadays become popular. Choosing the right group mates is key when planning a group tour. A group tours best for a people’s person who love to meet and associate with new people. Group tours help travelers share most costs such as accommodation and transport making it affordable and best option for budget travelers. African Apes Holidays specialize in organizing customized group tours to explore various travel destinations including national parks, museums and local communities. Do you want to trek gorillas as a group? We help you communicate to the responsible government bodies to give chance trek one gorilla family as a group. Are you a solo traveler looking out to join a group, African Apes Holidays offers special offers to Uganda, Rwanda and teh Democratic reoublic of Congo. The tips for choosing a group tour include:

Check the itinerary
Before joining any group tour, first check travel activities in the itinerary. Make sure that proposed itinerary suits your travel interests, time and budget. Are your desired destinations in the itinerary? Are your favorite activities included? First confirm the flexibility of the itinerary before joining any group tour. Check out each day of the itinerary, the start time, pickup destination. Accommodation and which activity to do when and where. Also, check whether the itinerary has free time to do optional activities or tightly packed.

Choose your age mates and the right size
Endeavour to join a group of travelers in your age blanket to avoid boredom during the trip. In most cases, people in the same age group have a lot of things in common. If you are in your 20’s never join a group of people in their 50’s. Difference in age means difference in tastes and preferences. Moreso, understanding the size of your group is vital before joining. A group tour may be smaller with maximum 10 people while others can be very big with over 50 people. Each group size has advantages and disadvantages. Small sized groups tend to move faster with most members having almost similar preferences while a large group is cost friendly with all costs shared among many travelers.

Understand the pace of the itinerary
Does the flow of the itinerary favor you? If no, please do not rush to join that group safari. If you want to join a relaxed trip with some days off, check how the itinerary flows, which and how may activities to do everyday. Some people like a no break itinerary while other love a relaxed trip with some free days. Make sure you choose the itinerary that moves at your pace. Fortunately, African Apes Holidays offer a variety of group tours both relaxed and rushing. Just contact us, inform us about your interests and we shall get you a suitable group tour.

Check what is included and excluded in the cost
You should also underhand how the trip is costed to avoid being cheated. When a travel agent gives you a quote, try to breakdown the cost, price it yourself and compare the two quotes. Also, before confirming any group tour, first check what is included and excluded in the cost. At some times, a trip cost make look favorable to you but with huge hidden costs. Understanding what is included and excluded in the itinerary help you whether the trip suits you budget.

Choose between the tours available

African Apes Holidays normally has a variety of grip tours available. Ask for different options compare them and choose the one that suits you. Understand the type of people in each trip, their lifestyles, tastes and preferences.

Book with a local tour operator
Its wise to book with a local tour operates based in the travel destination you are interested in. Local tour operators have diet access with most service provide especially hotels and lodges. Also, local tour operators have the first hand knowledge on how activities can be done in a smooth way without back tracking. A local tour operator like African Apes Holidays also helps you book ground activities such as mountain gorilla trekking, cultural tours and all other activities with no difficulty. Local tour operators are also cost friendly compared to international agencies.
Generally, group tours are amazing and more fun compared to solo travels. African Apes Holidays offers you cost friendly group tours to Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo to meet, satisfy and exceed your travel expectations.

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