Weather in Rwanda

Weather Conditions In Rwanda

Weather patterns in Rwanda is one of the key things you must understand extensively before planning your Rwanda safaris. YES, a wide knowledge of Rwanda weather forecasts and the difference in seasons help you know when is the best time to travel and which activities are suitable for a certain period of time. Located south of the Equator, Rwanda has the most pleasant weather. Its neither hot nor cold but rather conducive throughout the year. Low altitudinal areas in parts of Akagera National Park are generally warm throughout while the areas of higher altitude in Volcanoes National Park center for gorilla trekking, Nyungwe Forest for chimpanzees/canopy walk and Lake Kivu are normally cold but favorable still.
Weather in Rwanda

Dry season
Dry season also known as peak season in Rwanda is from June to August with July being the driest months of the year. The peak season is generally dry with less or no rains at all. Most travelers’ love visiting Rwanda in the dry season given the ease of doing all tourism activities. The peak season is undeniably the best time to do most if not all tourism activities in Rwanda. Mountain gorilla trekking/Golden monkey tracking in Volcanoes National Park, Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest and Mt Karisimbi hiking are all best done in the dry season. Therefore, Rwanda receives the highest number of travelers in the peak season. Demand for gorilla permits and chimpanzees are generally high in this season, which require travelers to book in advance. Permit issuing is done on first come first serve basis.
Rwanda weather

Rainy season
The land of a thousand hills has two rainy seasons between the months of March to May and September to November. Rains in November at times extend to December. Rainfall in Rwanda normally is in form of downpour, which lasts for a few hours. However immediately after the rain, sun sets in enabling tourism and other economic activities to go on well. Bird watching is best done in the rain season giving you chance to see migratory birds. Also, game viewing and photography in Akagera National Park is well done in the wet season. Vegetation is very green giving the very best scenic views. In most cases, low season is associated with less visits which calls for discounted services in hotels, lodges, travel companies and other service providers.

What to pack when visiting Rwanda
Are you ready for your Rwanda gorilla safari? Check what to pack to Rwanda with African Apes Holidays.
• Hiking shoes if you trekking gorillas, golden monkeys or even hiking Karisimbi Volcano
• Warm jackets, sweaters and scarf. Rwanda generally gests cold during the night and at times during day times.
• A hat
• Hand Gloves
• Insect repellants
• Sanitizer is a must have in the period of Covid19

NOTE: All travel activities in Rwanda can be done all year round. Whereas there can be disruptions in some activities such as nature walking and primate trekking, travelers are assured of best experiences in Rwanda despite the season.

In general, Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills has conducive weather throughout the year. The mixture of wet and cold weather patterns makes it a best place to visit and live in.

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